Fischerspooner TopBrazil

“Just before the last weekend of summer, I read an interview with Fischerspooner, where Casey Spooner talked about creating “aggressively homosexual” pop music for his new album SIR. Pro-Queer anthems for contemporary homosexual culture and when talking about reinventing his image he said: “I can be older, I can be gay, I can be a man and sexual, which is something you don’t see”. It felt revolutionary, provocative, and honest, I listened on loop to their new single Have Fun Tonight and knew this album would change my life. The article also said Casey had spent the summer hiding out on Fire Island, I took a personal day, I jumped on a Ferry and I spent the weekend tracking him down, and on the dancefloor of an underwear party in the Grove I told him I loved him. The video for Have Fun Tonight has a raw and authentic feeling in its portrayal of gay culture and I wanted to stay true to that, referencing Pink Narcissus, Un Chant d’Amour, and Boys In The Sand, to examine and celebrate exclusively gay spaces. Homosexuality, for some, is so shrouded in shame and self-loathing that true expression of their sexuality can only happen in these hidden spaces, and for others; the lure of an encounter, desire, their intrigue, whatever it might be, draws everyone to the same places. Where men meet. An honest, unapologetic, and celebratory representation of this felt right for TopBrazil, a song about sexual compulsion, hookups, and power bottoms. It shouldn’t feel safe, or camp. For Casey to use his body as the centerpiece for the video, inviting the mainstream to revel in their lust for him, felt radical and inspiring. In another interview, Casey said: “I’m going to be as flamboyant and as visible as I can be. I’m not holding back. I have a mandate to be an amazing faggot right now. I’m gonna make sure that the kids stuck in the middle of nowhere have a beacon of hope. I was raised surrounded by racists, misogynists, Islamophobes. homophobes, etc. etc. etc… Shameless visibility is my form of action”, I made this my brief, and hope to have delivered the vehicle for this message. My therapist has repeatedly asked me to write a letter to my adolescent self, this is it. A huge thank you to everyone who helped turn the impossibles of this dream into a reality.”

-Tom CJ Brown, Director