Le Cube

Le Cube stands for simple concepts: excellence, graphic design elegance, production savviness, and an ambition to make every accomplishment nothing short of the best.

Latins that sail around the world, sometimes as pirates, sometimes in the royal armada, Le Cube’s adventurous and international souls draw inspiration from urban culture, design, street art, film, anime, architecture, and art and they have been duly awarded by the best in the industry, such as Cannes Lions, Annecy, Clio, New York Festivals, Ciclope, LIA, and so many others. Based in Madrid, Buenos Aires, Sāo Paulo and Shanghai, Le Cube dismantles frontiers, languages, time-zones, and barriers. 

Led by Ralph Karam, JuanMa Freire, Gus Karam, Santi Oddis and Fernanda Soma, Le Cube specializes in character-driven animation stories. They are  known for their outstanding productions in 2D cel-animation, and constantly pursuing innovation in storytelling, techniques, graphics, medium, technology, and whatever defies the obsolete, mediocre, common-sense, and ordinary.