With a passion for any project that requires thoughtful and expressive imagery, Luca draws inspiration from several fields including DIY music, counterculture, fashion, Japanese and European comics+animation, graphic design and of course cinema.

His main interest is in character-driven storytelling that maintains its emotional content and significance regardless of the genre.

Luca brought his years of expertise and diverse influences to Psyop with the Taco Bell film “Nacho Fries,” an action driven piece that he balances with beautifully executed tonal shifts and subtle moments of drama and humor. Using a mix of traditional 2D techniques, digital painting and 3D, Luca creates beautiful work that is often rooted in stylized realism.

In addition to directing, he also spends his time working on personal paintings and illustrations.

Born and raised in Milan, Italy, Luca moved to NYC to attend the School of Visual Arts. After having graduated he spent 6 years working as an animator on both 3D and traditional animation before realizing his passion for design and painting. He then transitioned to concept art and spent several years as a designer, art director and now director, with the goal of telling more personal stories and bringing the best collaborators and artists to each project.

While in New York Luca kept working on personal artwork and collaborating with top studios and brands including Sony, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Activision, Disney +, Airbnb and Nike. His work earned a number of awards including a Webby Award, Clio Award, AICP Award and a D&AD pencil.

After 18 years in Brooklyn Luca relocated to Tokyo to expand his artistic environment and keep pursuing his career in animation.