Sun Creature is a multi-faceted creative studio based out of Copenhagen, Denmark perfectly calibrated to developing rich, compelling stories and cinematic experiences. With both a deep understanding of their audience and their fingers on the pulse of the best creative talent, Sun Creature regularly tailors bespoke teams of elite artists to meet the unique needs of each project.

Launched by audience demand on a Kickstarter for their original entertainment property – The Reward, Sun Creature’s dynamic, creative pipeline positions them to flexibly and thoughtfully take on a range of work from feature films to episodic series to commercial campaigns. Their reputation has quickly grown across the industry attracting them attention from heavy-weight entertainment and commercial brands like Cartoon Network, Netflix, Riot Games and Travel Oregon.

A young studio with a fresh perspective and the collective expertise of a seasoned veteran, Sun Creature’s magic lies not only in their world-class animations but their ability to anticipate needs each step of the process. Their range expands with each new project, always surprising our imaginations with new, charismatic characters, fantastical worlds and epic stories.

They’re currently in production on an original feature film set to release in 2020.