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Apex Legends: Emergence Launch Trailer

Trevor Conrad + Alexei Bochenek

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Apex Legends: Stories from the Outlands – Gridiron

Jack Anderson + Alexei Bochenek + Trevor Conrad

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Apex Legends: Legacy Launch Trailer

Trevor Conrad + Alexei Bochenek


The Ask

How do we advertise a mobile game beyond showing game play?

Our Approach

In 2013, Barton F Graf approached us with an interesting proposal for Supercell – to create, in flesh and 3D, incarnations of the 2D characters within their mobile game Clash of Clans. Working closely with the agency we fleshed out personalities and a storyline around a base group of core characters. Overnight the film became a viral success with 5M views in under 12 hours sparking online chatter clamoring not for more games but for more content about the games. 

From that single test spot, an entire entertainment franchise was born. Over the course of 6 years, Psyop has worked with BFG and Supercell to build and invent new worlds, give life and backstories to dozens of characters and, like any entertainment franchise, create new spin offs from old favorites. From the famed Liam Neeson Superbowl Spot (called the most popular spot of the game by The Guardian) to highly popular branded AR filters to a 360 video which became Youtube’s top 10 most viewed video that year to the million views each new film garners upon release, the cultural impact of Clash’s films is undeniable.

The Results

Over 200 spots, 60 characters, 3 worlds and countless environments, 165M Youtube views for #angryneeson and extensive fan engagement.

Clash of Clans: Anthem

The spot that started it all.

Clash of Clans: Magnificent 25

The follow up spot to “Anthem” where characters were used to tactically talk to a new feature of the game.

Clash of Clans: Angry Neeson

Liam Neeson + Super Bowl + 165K Youtube views. Instant hit … and very funny.

Clash of Clans: Legend of The Last Lava Pup

A unique way to engage fans on a personal level, this spot utilized actual game play from fans and revisioned it as epic stories narrated by James Cordon and Christoph Waltz within the Clash world we had created.

Clash of Clans 360: Experience a Virtual Reality Raid

Originally launched at ClashCon with an exclusive live reveal just for fans at the Clash of Clans fan convention in Helsinki, this 360-degree video garnered over 73M views on Youtube making it the most watched 360 video ever.

Clash Royale: Landscaper

Extending the Clash world to the royal arena for Supercell’s new spin-off, Clash Royale, we brought over some old favorites while inventing new ones for the fans to fall in love with (which they did)!

Brawl Stars: No Time to Explain

For Supercell’s latest franchise extension, Brawl Stars, Psyop brought in Blacklist’s Golden Wolf to create an entirely new 2D universe for this new game.

Ghostwire: Tokyo

Announced in 2019 at E3, and created by Shinki Mikami, Ikumi Nakamura and Kenji Kimura, Ghostwire Tokyo is one of the most heavily anticipated titles to be released in 2022.

Bethesda approached Psyop to create a 30 minute interactive playable story entitled Ghostwire Prelude: The Corrupted Case Files introducing players to the world and some of the key characters prior to the main title launch of Ghostwire Tokyo.  “By having people experience and enjoy the events that occurred before the events in [Ghostwire: Tokyo] through a different genre made by a different team, it could help open up and widen people’s interpretations of the world and universe we’ve created,” said game director Kenji Kimura.

The Ghostwire prelude allows for more character development and world building to happen without needing huge amounts of game design to accompany it and so expands the canvas of the game. Featuring 9 characters, 4 of which are villains the players of Ghostwire Prelude can encounter 6 unique outcomes on their journey through the game.  There are 2 distinct branches and 4 “determined” branches through player choices. 

The prelude is an important part of the Ghostwire game release because the character development and world building that the players experience in the prelude helps them to build a connection with characters and become more invested in the main game. 

Ghostwire Prelude can be played FOR FREE on PS5 or downloaded on Steam or the Epic Games Store.


Within an extremely tight timeline we conceptualized, designed, built, and deployed META’s first immersive world. 

They came directly to us because we are the designers, architects, builders, and developers of immersively rich virtual worlds. We are currently in conversations with META for an ongoing avatar, location and event creation project.

Stay Fabulous

‘Stay Fabulous’ is the world’s first commercial production realised entirely by utilising virtual production, the immersive, wholly game-changing filmmaking technique pioneered by the creators of Disney+ series The Mandalorian.

Brought to life by PSYOP, well-known, long-time innovators in the commercial filmmaking world, the spot promotes the opening of Resorts World Las Vegas, a $4.3 billion, 3,500-room luxury resort in Las Vegas that’s set to open on June 24th. Creative was out of California-based Hooray Agency, features Celine Dion, Carrie Underwood, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, Tiësto and Zedd, and debuted during The Academy Awards® broadcast in April 2021, capturing the attention of Entertainment Tonight among other popular news outlets.

The “virtual production” merged CGI, real-time rendering and live action to transport viewers into a new reality. Psyop leveraged their legendary design, world building prowess, and CG capabilities to build highly stylized worlds which carefully blurred the line between physical and digital, never before done in a campaign on this scale. The CG environments were projected onto LED volumes which, when combined with art directed physical sets, created an immersive hybrid world for the celebrities to react to on set, and for the entire team and clients to experience in real time when shooting.

To meet the demands of this innovative commercial production, the large technical and creative team led by PSYOP developed evolutionary workflows, allowing filmmakers to make creative changes real time during the shoot including lighting, colours and animation within the sets – all things impossible without virtual production.


One of the most downloaded and highest rated games on Steam, our KFC dating simulator took the world by storm. In this case study video you’ll see the lasting impact it’s had on users everywhere.



Lockdown orders are being lifted. Vaccines are being distributed. The day we’ve been waiting for is nearly here: our re-emergence!

Every day, more people around the world are stepping out of their homes, back into the world and now it’s your turn. Like a baby fawn, eyes blinking in the morning sunlight, legs wobbling under the weight of your quarantine 15, you must find your footing once again as you set out into the brand new (but actually old) world.

This open-world adventure filled with fun characters and challenging mini-games gives you the experience of what it’s like to re-enter the world after a year-long stay inside.

Camp W

Camp W is a story-rich visual adventure game about friendship, mystery, and (not) fitting in.

Camp W puts you in the role of a young Witch experiencing their first ever summer away from home at sleepaway camp. But there’s a twist! (Isn’t there always?) Though you’re from the Witching Realm, where magic is commonplace, you’ll be enrolling at a summer camp for Humans who have long since forgotten that Witchcraft exists. While summering in the Human Realm, you’ll have to conceal your identity and make sure not to get caught practicing your craft. Make friends, cast spells, and uncover secrets during your first ever summer away from home.


King of Clash Trivia Show Promo
King of Clash Trivia Show – Invitation to Lady B
King of Clash Trivia Show – Invitation to Galadon
Behind The Scenes


Oh, hello dear. I didn’t even see you come in! Please, do make yourself at home. My name is Kismet, and it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. If you’ve come all this way to see me, then you must have a very important question! So… shall we ask the Cards, or the Stars?

Kismet is a unique daily VR fortune-telling experience. Seated across a table from an enchanted automaton with the power to see the future in the Cards and the Stars, you’ll be transported to a place where magic is real. Named after the mysterious fortune-teller at its core, Kismet is an experience inspired by the mystic arts of tarot and astrology, brought to life in a beautifully detailed, handmade, gothic style, unlike anything else available in VR.

In the pantheon of innovative VR experiences, Kismet sets itself apart by delivering an antidote to the many adrenaline-fueled hardcore game experiences that populate the current marketplace. Rather than pilot spaceships or shoot monsters, Kismet uses VR as a bridge to a more contemplative, spiritual place. Kismet was designed as a broadly inviting experience meant to provoke thought and discussion and appeal to a wide audience who may otherwise find VR overwhelming.




POLYGON: What I Learned Getting My Tarot Read In VR

“It’s been one of the most pleasant surprises I’ve found yet in VR. It’s a calm, contemplative way to add a bit of peace and magic into your day.”

NERDIST: Meet Kismet, A Gorgeous New VR Fortune Teller

“I’m both terrified and intrigued.”

DIGITAL ARTS ONLINE: Kismet Is An Amazing Animated Interactive VR Experience From The Creators Of Coke’s Classic Happiness Factory

“Despite – or perhaps because – it’s an obviously beautifully art-directed CG environment, everything around you seems so solid and real, like you can really reach out and touch it. “


The Most-Watched 360-Degree Video Ever 

Over 73 Million Views On Youtube.

Originally launched at ClashCon with an exclusive live reveal just for fans at the Clash of Clans fan convention in Helsinki.

ADWEEK: Most-Watched Video on YouTube, December 2016

“It’s a Supercell world. Other brands on Adweek and Google’s monthly YouTube Ads Leaderboard just live in it. Or so it would appear from December’s ranking of the most watched ads on the video site…The first time any VR-style spot has made the Leaderboard.”

CREATIVITY ONLINE: 360-Degree Experience Gives the Game a First Person Perspective (Editor’s Pick)

Fans of “Clash of Clans” will be super-excited about this latest video from the game’s maker Supercell, which can be viewed in virtual reality to give you an immersive sense of what it’s like to be in a “Clash of Clans” raid. By watching through the YouTube app on your phone (or with a VR system like Google Cardboard), you can stand atop an Archer tower as giants, dragons, balloons, hog riders and barbarians descend upon your village, and see all the action in 360 degrees. 

TUBEFILTER: YouTube Ad Leaderboard Features 360-Degree Video For First Time

“The month’s top ad allowed viewers to experience Clash of Clans in 360-degrees. The “virtual reality raid” received more than 30 million views in December, topping the next most-viewed ad (another Clash of Clans spot) by more than 15 million.”

Part 2: Hog Rider 360

63 Million Youtube Views

Real Time Character Case Study