Followfood In Your Hands

Followfood isn’t just another sustainable food brand; they are a real movement for raising awareness in consumer habits around the world. In this PSA, we teamed up with Tank Tank Hamburg to raise the awareness that food consumption habits matter and change our planet for good or for evil.

For “In Your Hands” film, we developed an art showing a contrast between the sad planet made by bad decisions and the hopeful world in humankind when changing consumption habits for sustainable choices. It was a challenge to don’t end up showing cliche portraits of waste and animal cruelty since they are always so powerful. Who follows Le Cube’s work knows our obsession with elegant designs and fluid movements, so for this animation, we work hard in finding a way to generate bad feelings portraying a sad world but with distinctive designs, with uniqueness and aesthetic solidity. After so many years doing animation, we know clearly that our way to impact the world with powerful and meaningful messages is to show unique designs that transmit Le Cube’s soul and heart.
We hope by watching this film, you give a second thought on the next time you do your groceries, thinking that your choices impact the whole world.