Converse Modern Nursery Rhymes

“A young woman who lived in a shoe… My immediate take away was to take the absurd old rhyme and turn it on its ear.”

Marie Hyon

“Through interesting “story within a story” tableaus of women, I wanted to create living portraits embodying the spirit of punk rock.

The painterly cinema-graphs, reminiscent of Renaissance paintings, each story is its own vignette, in a huge Hieronymus Bosch style tableau of modern women’s stories was the goal. This style gave me a chance to create the visuals with depth and detail and backstory, developing the character of these individual women that could hold meaning across all women.

These tableaus are subversive commentaries on breaking the status quo. Why should we care about fitting into glass slippers? Shouldn’t we care more about smashing glass ceiling? I was truly stoked at the opportunity to champion women to feel empowered to believe the same.”