Travel Oregon Only Slightly (More) Exaggerated

Inspired by the viral success of their Only Slightly Exaggerated campaign in 2018, Travel Oregon partnered again with Wieden + Kennedy and Psyop to tell part two of this magical tale.

With the creative learnings from the first film, directors Todd & Kylie with animation partners Sun Creature pushed up the dial on the fantasy this round. With more breathtaking vistas and fantastical creatures, hovering just in the liminal space between imagination and reality, Travel Oregon is at once a loving homage to Oregon and a celebration of that exhilarating feeling all travelers experience of the sublime places they carry back in their memories and hearts.

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Creative Development

“We had such a wonderful and successful collaboration with Sun Creature and Wieden + Kennedy last year on our Travel Oregon film and it was exciting to rekindle those fires for a second time. This year we were able to launch right into creative development and production because we already had a solid working methodology road tested from the previous year.  As well as traveling through some of the beautiful Oregon landscapes we really wanted to expand on the magic and whimsy. We were able to create some great mythical creatures: a rocky turtle island that controls the rising sun, an old bathing tree that feeds the bees, a furry beast that enjoys feasting on doughnuts and majestic cloud giants. It was, once again, an amazing collaboration of incredibly talented artists pouring their passion into every frame and it shows.” 

Kylie Matulick, Director