Travel Oregon Only Slightly Exaggerated

“When Travel Oregon approached us with their brief, we were beyond excited by the idea. The call for a cinematic short film that was hand crafted and fully animated, filled with the natural beauty of Oregon but elevated to new heights through magical realism was an instant “hell yes”!!!

We visited Oregon and began brainstorming the particular landmarks and narrative moments that could be heightened with native animals, some mythical creatures and a little animated magic. Every destination needed to have it’s own unique little moment and we had a great time experimenting with how to tell the story.

Once the general narrative was locked in, we collaborated with the amazing Sun Creature to bring this to life. They shared the same love and passion for this project and truly brought their A-game.

In the end, we hope that people watch the film and are simply lifted away to this beautiful part of the world. And then, go explore the real thing!”

– Kylie Matulick & Todd Mueller, Directors