CRCR is a French collective whose members met at Gobelins, the most famous animation school in Paris. From their first films as a collective and interns at WIZZdesign, CRCR have garnered international attention and developed an ardent fanbase with their modern and quirky style. As mixed-media innovators and artists, CRCR use their wide graphic palette to direct commercials and music videos with an ever-increasing artistic vision and energy, and along the way have picked up a Young Director Award nomination at Cannes, Silver and Bronze Cubes at the prestigious ADC Annual Awards, “Animated Commercial of the Year” at the Shots Awards, and most recently a Gold Lion at the Cannes Lions in 2019 among others.

Golden Wolf

Golden Wolf is an Emmy-nominated studio founded in 2013 with offices in London and New York. Their work lives in the space between irreverent humour, intensely dynamic action and psychedelia. Their unique and youthful perspective has been applied to global commercial campaigns, opening titles, music videos, AR filters, VR experiences and social media campaigns. They are passionate about creating entertaining content that creates a lasting and shareable impression. Since their inception they have quickly established a global reputation, catching the attention of major brands and networks such as Nike, Facebook, Gatorade, Disney and Adult Swim.

Igor + Valentine

Igor + Valentine is the creative mind of Matt Smithson (formerly Man vs. Magnet) and David Stanfield. The name does not refer to any two distinct people, but hints at a creative split personality that the duo share and embrace.  Matt Smithson trained as a fine artist, his animation work often possesses a tactile handmade quality, typically illustration based.  David is a motion designer and director employing both illustration and graphic design in his visual language.  They are both storytellers who relish the opportunity to make others smile.  Matt and David love to help brands and organizations tell their stories authentically with meaning. Matt received a Young Gun Award for his work from the American Directors’ Club, and his video ‘The Girl Effect,’ produced for the Nike Foundation, was included in the Cooper Hewitt Museum’s National Design Triennial.


This collective of French directors caught the attention of the animation world in 2016 with their graduation short film “Garden Party,” which was nominated for Best Student Project at the VES Awards in Los Angeles and went on to win Best Young Production at the Animago Festival among other accolades. Not only does the film show their highly developed animation skills, but also a great instinct for storytelling, which as already been put to use in a series of films for the luxury brand Van Cleef.

Le Cube

Le Cube is an animation powerhouse studio renowned for its original characters, imaginative worlds and environments, action-packed camera movements, and impressive morphing transitions.The studio collaborates with prominent brands such as Apple, Spotify, MTV, Heineken, Coca-Cola, and Nike, among others. 

Le Cube’s talented team works across various disciplines, including illustration, 2D and 3D animation, and motion graphics. Their exceptional work has been recognized by prestigious awards and festivals worldwide, such as Cannes Lions, Clio, Annecy, Ciclope, LIA, Promax, BassAwards, and NY Festivals. Le Cube has offices in Madrid and Buenos Aires.

Sun Creature

Sun Creature is a multi-faceted creative studio based out of Copenhagen, Denmark perfectly calibrated to developing rich, compelling stories and cinematic experiences. With both a deep understanding of their audience and their fingers on the pulse of the best creative talent, Sun Creature regularly tailors bespoke teams of elite artists to meet the unique needs of each project.

Launched by audience demand on a Kickstarter for their original entertainment property – The Reward, Sun Creature’s dynamic, creative pipeline positions them to flexibly and thoughtfully take on a range of work from feature films to episodic series to commercial campaigns. Their reputation has quickly grown across the industry attracting them attention from heavy-weight entertainment and commercial brands like Cartoon Network, Netflix, Riot Games and Travel Oregon.

A young studio with a fresh perspective and the collective expertise of a seasoned veteran, Sun Creature’s magic lies not only in their world-class animations but their ability to anticipate needs each step of the process. Their range expands with each new project, always surprising our imaginations with new, charismatic characters, fantastical worlds and epic stories.

They’re currently in production on an original feature film set to release in 2020.


Wizz offers a robust Animation/VFX and Live Action production team based at their Headquarters at the Quad Group in Paris. Wizz Directors are storytellers, schooled in the esteemed French schools of beaux art, animation and filmmaking. Wizz has garnered numerous awards for their creative excellence and annual recognition at Advertising Cannes Lions festival. Wizz is a true creative laboratory employing 2D, 3D, stop motion, and mixed media.

They love developing new artistic worlds for commercials, music videos, films, series, or something in between. Wizz is dedicated to being a true creative storytelling partner. Wizz has collaborated with Blacklist in the US market since 2010, expanding the reach of their superb directors including CRCR, The Andy’s, Illogic, Geoffroy de Crecy, Flying V, and No Brushing.