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I Love You, Colonel Sanders!

 I Love You Colonel Sanders! A Finger Licking’ Good Dating Simulator, was developed at our Los Angeles studio and published to PC & Mac via the Steam store. 

The announcement of the game “took the gaming community by storm,” as Paste Magazine put it, and the release proved to be even more successful.

Only a day after its release, the game had already garnered a large and diverse fanbase across the web, with hundreds of players recording their live performances of the game and some even dressing up as the Colonel himself.

The game has received 95% positive user reviews, with many calling it “the best game [they’ve] ever played,” as well as being highlighted by sevral online publications; Eater likened the graphics to “a highbrow shoji anime.”

If you haven’t played I Love You Colonel Sanders yet, the game is currently available for PC & Mac via Steam.

Ghostwire: Tokyo

Announced in 2019 at E3, and created by Shinki Mikami, Ikumi Nakamura and Kenji Kimura, Ghostwire Tokyo is one of the most heavily anticipated titles to be released in 2022.

Bethesda approached Psyop to create a 30 minute interactive playable story entitled Ghostwire Prelude: The Corrupted Case Files introducing players to the world and some of the key characters prior to the main title launch of Ghostwire Tokyo.  “By having people experience and enjoy the events that occurred before the events in [Ghostwire: Tokyo] through a different genre made by a different team, it could help open up and widen people’s interpretations of the world and universe we’ve created,” said game director Kenji Kimura.

The Ghostwire prelude allows for more character development and world building to happen without needing huge amounts of game design to accompany it and so expands the canvas of the game. Featuring 9 characters, 4 of which are villains the players of Ghostwire Prelude can encounter 6 unique outcomes on their journey through the game.  There are 2 distinct branches and 4 “determined” branches through player choices. 

The prelude is an important part of the Ghostwire game release because the character development and world building that the players experience in the prelude helps them to build a connection with characters and become more invested in the main game. 

Ghostwire Prelude can be played FOR FREE on PS5 or downloaded on Steam or the Epic Games Store.

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