Squad Busters Launch Trailer: Time to SQUAD UP!

Future Genesis | Chapter One

Life On Earth

Studio Of Tomorrow


Jack Jack vs. Raccoon

Santa Hog Rider’s Workshop

Midnight Suns Prequel Shorts

2024 Showreel

Kiss My Airs

The Ultimate Lord Of The Rings Fellowship Recap Cartoon



Risk Of Rain Returns

Ident Series

Be Our Guest


Bad Luck Brian



Sur La Côte D’azur

About Love And Balance

Flip The Fans


Fly To The Stars

Where Goodness Grows

2023 Reel

Lookbook: Zaubermarkt

S And Relax

Starlord VHS

La Liberté En Cavale


Opening Theme Sequence

Year 5, Season 4

Ticking Away

Better You, Better Tomorrow

Manchester City x OKX

2024 Sports Reel


My Way

Too Late

Rise of the Mythics

Enhanced Sharing Experience

Biggie Bag ft. DJ Khaled

Late Nights


More Clashing and Chatting

Teamfight Tactics Vegas Open

Reserved for You and Yours

After Light

Board of the Unsquare

2024 Reel

For Us, Utang na Loob

Hunky Horseman


Kill Code – Part 3

Kevin and the Christmas Factory

Opposites React

If Your Snacks Could Snack On Snacks

Let It Rip

GIG Roommates

Rick + Morty: Wormageddon

Network Ident

All The Best

Crafted in the Clouds

Esther Teaser Trailer

The Revolution is on


Open Titles

PSYOP X Hulu Idents

Japanese New Year

Life is a Journey

The Snow Globe

Aldi Christmas Advert 2022

Daily Wellness

Working with the great Spotify crew, Shotopop crafted these stylized and calm playful animations to create a bit more awareness of the Spotify Daily Wellness playlists. Very mindful and zen.

The University of Fast

Shotopop directed and animated this super fun spot for the launch of the new ADIZERO range. This trailer follows a group of young athletes who is facing an evil businessman and a mysterious shadow runner. Of course. Shotopop also created a ton of collateral, for social media and such.  

The Sun and The Snake

Foot Locker and ASICS present a new anime-inspired project starring Luka Sabbat as the Sneaker Samurai, Princess Nokia as Kiku and YFN Lucci as the Ghost Samurai. Shotopop were lucky enough to be the people to bring this epic adventure to life.


Shotopop created this fun series of four animations for French cab company Heetch, each focusing on a different USP. You want a car outside before you’re out of your pyjamas? You want a cocktail on the beach while you’re driven to L’Arc de Triomphe? Heetch have got you covered. Made in partnership with Konbini. Cool sounds by Like Fire.    

Behind The Scenes and R&D

Animation Action Contest


Eat With Pride

I Love You, Colonel Sanders!

 I Love You Colonel Sanders! A Finger Licking’ Good Dating Simulator, was developed at our Los Angeles studio and published to PC & Mac via the Steam store. 

The announcement of the game “took the gaming community by storm,” as Paste Magazine put it, and the release proved to be even more successful.

Only a day after its release, the game had already garnered a large and diverse fanbase across the web, with hundreds of players recording their live performances of the game and some even dressing up as the Colonel himself.

The game has received 95% positive user reviews, with many calling it “the best game [they’ve] ever played,” as well as being highlighted by sevral online publications; Eater likened the graphics to “a highbrow shoji anime.”

If you haven’t played I Love You Colonel Sanders yet, the game is currently available for PC & Mac via Steam.

Four for the Holidays

In 2014, Argonaut approached Psyop to help develop a cast of quirky animated characters for Cricket Wireless to be the brand’s spokespeople. In the years that followed, this cast of characters grew, as did Cricket’s unaided brand awareness (which rose by 12 points). With fan bases of their own – our CG characters were mini-celebrities in their own rights.

The Ask

For their Holiday 2018 campaign, Cricket challenged us to think of a way to take our now familiar characters and use them to engage audiences in new and surprising way.

Our Approach

Psyop collaborated closely with Argonaut, Shareability and Cricket to bring the beloved characters out of the animated world and into the real one via a multi-faceted approach: 

1. A Hollywood-glam, 3-min film and content blurring the lines of commercial and entertainment co-directed by Psyop founder Marco Spier and Psyop’s rising star Jack Anderson. 

2. Magical activations that blurred fantasy and reality helmed by Jack. 

Using our real-time animation system utilizing Intera/Mocap suits and face tracking technology, we hosted a Facebook Live and Twitter press junket featuring CG characters Dusty and Rose alongside celebrity Mario Lopez making it the first time an animated character appeared alongside a live person in real-time. 

We also used this system again in a responsive OOH billboard activation where holiday shoppers could talk, direct and interact with Rosie, making a traditionally passive medium – the billboard – larger than life.

(Still) Slightly Exaggerated

A Christmas Carrot: A Tale by Charles Chickens

If there’s a character you should root for this holiday season, it’s the award-winning Kevin the Carrot who is back and better than ever with Aldi UK. Six years on, and everyone’s favorite festive vegetable is still as fresh as when he first appeared on our screens. ‘A Christmas Carrot: A Tale by Charles Chickens’ is the latest installment in heart-warming journeys Kevin has embarked on for the better part of the last decade. In the film brought to life by Psyop founders/directors Todd and Kylie, along with Psyop co-director Kyle Cassidy, through McCann UK, Kevin teaches Ebanana Scrooge, and us all, about the true spirit of Christmas. 

“We fell in love with this project from the very moment we saw it. Come on, a carrot who wants to meet Santa… What’s not to like? Our goal with everything we direct is to get the viewers to feel something. Not exactly an easy thing to do inside sixty seconds. In any case, hopefully people will come away feeling some Christmas spirit.”

-Todd + Kylie, Directors

Got Me Like

“I spent summers in high school working for our local Baskin-Robbins, so it was pretty surreal to once again work with this great brand. Bringing a fresh and new youthful voice to an iconic brand, we embraced all the joy and fun that comes with eating ice cream! The goal was to stand out and bring an edgier vibe than what the brand is traditionally known for. “

– Trevor Conrad, Director

Star-Lord ‘Zero to Hero’

Burger Vigilante

Summer Nights

Life on Treat Street

Where I’m From

Directed by Marie Hyon and made in collaboration with Adobe and 72 & Sunny, “Where I’m From” looks at what it means when members of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community are asked the question, “Where are you from?” while distilling images the artists have made using Adobe. 

The spot features eight different Adobe artists who share their personal stories and experience through their artwork:  Rebecca Hsu, Nishat Akhtar, Hanna Lee Joshi, Meiko Arquillos, Jiaqi Wang, Shxpir Huang, Don Muna, and Shyama Golden. Psyop co-founder, Marie Hyon, directs the spot and serves as the “ninth artist,” fusing her award-winning creativity and renowned vision with her lived experience as a member of the AAPI community. 

“People have stories that you can’t see on the surface, and so I hope ‘Where I’m From’ drives viewers to have empathy and awareness when interacting with people who are different from themselves,” said Hyon. “The artists featured in this project are just a small snapshot of the creative community hoping to inspire cultural change through their work, and I am thrilled to be able to help champion their stories.”


Naomi Osaka Capsule

Mr. Fear


Burna Boy



“Who hasn’t dreamed about graffitiing an entire city? Sending your spray painted creatures on a wild goose chase through the vertical expanse of a concrete jungle, that’s even more fun than duct-taping your roommate to the wall. We had a great time collaborating with Golden Wolf on the animation and even a better time filming in wonderful Buenos Aires. We even got to shoot with a fancy laser scanner system that we used to create a super detailed 3d map of the locations we shot it. Overall it was a wildly fantastic production. Now we just gotta refill our spray paint collection.”

– Todd Mueller & Kylie Matulick, Directors

“First of all, to get all the corny stuff out of the way, it’s been a real dream come true for myself and a lot of the Golden Wolf team to work on something like this for Coke. Having been hugely influenced by Happiness Factory and all the early Coke stuff from Psyop, it’s always been a client we wanted to get together with, so a big thanks to Todd, Kylie and the team for getting us on board!

What was particularly rewarding about the spot was working with T & K on defining the characters’ personalities and how their individual styles would affect how they move and act. For example, Jessica the cloud is a “throw up” so she’s messy and erratic, whereas Desmond the robot is a wheat paste poster, so he’s a bit slicker and more agile.

We loved being on board for the live action shoot. It was great to see the evolution from the original footage to the final result, with our 2D characters composited seamlessly into the live action. We’re so excited that they’re finally out in the world!”

-Ingi Erlingsson, 2D Animation Creative Director


Ad Age: Cute Mural Creatures Escape Their Concrete Prisons In Search Of A Cold Coke – Brand Debuts Tale of Escaping the Heat During the Winter Olympics in South Korea

It’s Nice That: W+K Portland’s Charming New Spot For Coca-Cola Features Three Graffiti Characters

Laughing Squid: Thirsty Street Art Murals Shimmy Up City Buildings to Pursue Their Goal of a Refreshing Coca Cola

Wonderfilled Bedtime

Ninjago Legacy Shorts

A lone warrior arrives at the shores of a grim, desolate wasteland. He is determined to reach his destination, but first he must face the danger that lurks in the shadows…

Lego reached out to Sun Creature to produce a short for the 10-year anniversary of their Ninjago franchise. The mandate was clear: rethink the artistic direction of Ninjago and include a dragon! And so they did. The result is a cryptic and epic short, that not only presents a new and darker visual direction for the franchise, but also teases the existing fans and challenges the perception of the brand.

Stylistically Sun Creature wanted to draw inspiration from the cinematography of Kurosawa’s samurai films of the 60s. They wanted to keep it consistent throughout the film, but also allow themselves freedom to break the rules as the narrative progressed. They wanted to find a balance between big establishment shots with lots of details, contrasted with more simple backgrounds for action driven shots. In each shot it is either the background or the action that drives the narrative forward.

This project was created with a small, nimble and highly skilled team and was directed by a good friend of the house, Ben Marsaud.