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Brawl Stars: The Last Stand

Unlimited Charge

Follow Team USA Olympian Noah Lyles as he battles against the dastardly cyber-villain Chita in an epic race to the top of Neon City.

With an animation as the centrepiece, this Adidas project also took shape as a poster, animated loops, collectible character cards, a tailor-made sprint suit for the man himself, and a series of illustrated photos.

Behind the Scenes and R&D


Dew Memories

It’s Dew time! Shotopop created a series of five animations for the folks at Mountain Dew, based on the nostalgic reminiscences of Dew drinkers.
Each story flashes back to a time when a bottle of Dew played a pivotal role in someone’s memory, whether it accompanied them on a fantastical snowboard ride or lead them to get together with the love of their life.


Shotopop partnered with DDB Chicago to develop a series of nine animations for Miller Lite, for the start of the NFL season. Featured teams are the Falcons, Ravens, Bills, Cowboys, Packers, Vikings, Steelers, Buccaneers, and the Titans. That’s a lot of football! They used a restricted colour palette to showcase each team’s character with scenes including a pirate swinging from the mast of a ship and a tree exploding into an unkindness of ravens. And this wouldn’t be complete without the wicked sound and music created by the team at Soundsmiths. 

Daily Wellness

Working with the great Spotify crew, Shotopop crafted these stylized and calm playful animations to create a bit more awareness of the Spotify Daily Wellness playlists. Very mindful and zen.

QQQ Innovations

Invesco approached Shotopop to create a series of 3D animations for web and social to showcase tech innovations around basketball. Shotopop created abstract worlds for Amazon, Apple, Intel, Microsoft, Nvidia, and Peloton to show how these companies are revolutionizing sports.

The University of Fast

Shotopop directed and animated this super fun spot for the launch of the new ADIZERO range. This trailer follows a group of young athletes who is facing an evil businessman and a mysterious shadow runner. Of course. Shotopop also created a ton of collateral, for social media and such.  

The Sun and The Snake

Foot Locker and ASICS present a new anime-inspired project starring Luka Sabbat as the Sneaker Samurai, Princess Nokia as Kiku and YFN Lucci as the Ghost Samurai. Shotopop were lucky enough to be the people to bring this epic adventure to life.

KFC Xmas

Shotopop got tasked by Mother London to create all the collateral for the KFC snowy season. Everything from fist bumps to gravy.

Nike Rise

AKQA approached Shotopop to work closely with them in developing a visual language, animation and content to support a campaign called RISE, where LeBron James and Kobe Bryant would each help a team of teens reach their full basketball potential in an online reality TV show featuring the world’s first interactive LED basketball court.

Summer Look Dev

Before starting to roll out a toolkit for the Nike Summer ranges, Shotopop took some time to do a bit of look development, to come up with a few styles that they think might work. Shotopop didn’t roll this one out, but they thought it was fun nonetheless, so they carved out a space where it can live online for a bit longer. 


Shotopop created this fun series of four animations for French cab company Heetch, each focusing on a different USP. You want a car outside before you’re out of your pyjamas? You want a cocktail on the beach while you’re driven to L’Arc de Triomphe? Heetch have got you covered. Made in partnership with Konbini. Cool sounds by Like Fire.    

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Stories From The Outlands: Family Business

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Look Book


The fine folks at Camp+King saw a previous piece of projection work from Mr. Munkowitz and wanted to push the idea much further for their client Uber Freight. They presented an intriguing group of scripts, in which they wanted to create an authentic story; a story that elicited emotions. One that was truthful and honest and used projected light to showcase how shipments are handled inside and outside the warehouse, and the emotional payoff when a customer has the ease of grabbing it off the shelf.

As a resonse, the team wanted the viewers to uncover the forward thinking secret to Uber’s process and the humanity behind the shipping industry that Uber is having a hand in molding. They wanted the audience to connect emotionally to Uber empowering shipping companies and carriers to flourish, and wanted to execute the campaign in a stylish and compelling way that brought the viewers into the world of Uber Freight and the vibrant results it brings.  

Spark The Next

We are hurtling into the future. But we refuse to forget our past. And even as we honor our heritage, we know we must evolve. We had an opportunity here to define what the future of Maserati will look like, building upon over 100 years of history to give voice to a new generation of Maserati drivers.

The Maserati Ghibli Hybrid embodies this duality of past and future, legacy and evolution, tradition and innovation. Joining together old and new to spark the next. It is the attitude of the Iconoclasts of Now, the members of the Slash Generation who look to history to create the future and for whom being a hybrid is a way of life. Our vision is one of epic juxtaposition — the backdrop of Maserati heritage with the new technology of LED screens, the story told by a design language that plays with vanishing points and optical distortions to completely transform our audience’s visual perspective and their expectations. The audacity of our Iconoclasts should be electrifying and palpable — creating a cohesive hybrid mixtape world where every pixel of this iridescent vision of the future feels real.

It’s never a straight road to change, but a spark that ignites in unexpected ways.


Maharishi By You is so much more than a shoe. It is a meeting of legends — Nike and Maharishi bringing together their expertise to create not only a sneaker, but a philosophy. It is a coalition of nature and technology — using cutting-edge design to both celebrate the natural world and produce a product that honors it. And it requires an elevation of execution — infusing innovation to change how image campaigns are captured by using military camera technologies to turn an image into an immersion.

The dream-team of MunkowitzToros KosePeiter HergertDr. Joseph Picard and SoundsRed had the opportunity to create a memorable, impactful image campaign that is more than just relevant to the spirit of Maharishi By You, but becomes a complete encapsulation of it. The team utilized special military grade camera technologies to present surrealist, thematic environments that the shoes exist in. What is so inspiring about these camera techniques is how they register the invisible – showing us what is normally unseen. How underneath any image is an alternate reality teeming in its vivid existence.

This is true for the vibrant colors we find in foliage within the Infrared Light Spectrum, whatever lies beneath total darkness with Night Vision, the thermal energy coursing underneath the surface and an inverted view of that spectrum in Thermal Imaging. They are military technologies that were used to create innovative art, much as the Maharishi By You’s take on military fabrics and patterns create enduring fashion.

2052 Surfers

Coolest-ever agency CD Mauricio Alcorn from the most excellent Conquistadors in Brooklyn delivered a script that made Munky’s heart melt, a short film with a conscience for the Ocean52’s ‘Hydration for Ocean Lovers’ line of drink products. Having spent over 20 years in Northern California, five of those in Humboldt County – illuminated the Lost Coast as one of those places where the love of the ocean runs deep — the kind of paradisiacal untouched coastline of any surfer’s dreams. It was a vision of a world in 2052 that he knew intimately — set in San Francisco, his current home, with characters that he not only recognized, but practically grew up with. Rain or shine, despite the freezing waters, the massive surf, and the precarious trek out to the shore — his comrades would be out on their boards, facing the waves. They are the characters in this piece, the people checking the surf reports, heartbroken by the polluted waters, but undaunted and ready to ride nonetheless.

It was an opportunity to make something that is so much more than a commercial. It was a short film with a conscience, and something so important to say. We were not merely selling a product, we were offering a solution to a very real problem: cleaning up the oceans — so that by 2052 our surfers will still have clean waves to ride.


The piece was essentially grounded on the Principles of Stage Magic, invoking five of the basic categorizations of Illusionary. These Categories greatly informed the conceptual and aesthetic foundation and were fused with a graphic design aesthetic heavy in Minimalistic Forms and Illuminated Fractal Geometry.

This direction was then placed into a projection-based Physical Installation, where all the ‘magic’ was captured live and in-camera, filmed documentary-style with no post effects or treatment to make it feel authentic and real. In essence the immense technology behind the curtain being completely masked from the viewer by the methods used to capture the performance.

I Love You, Colonel Sanders!

 I Love You Colonel Sanders! A Finger Licking’ Good Dating Simulator, was developed at our Los Angeles studio and published to PC & Mac via the Steam store. 

The announcement of the game “took the gaming community by storm,” as Paste Magazine put it, and the release proved to be even more successful.

Only a day after its release, the game had already garnered a large and diverse fanbase across the web, with hundreds of players recording their live performances of the game and some even dressing up as the Colonel himself.

The game has received 95% positive user reviews, with many calling it “the best game [they’ve] ever played,” as well as being highlighted by sevral online publications; Eater likened the graphics to “a highbrow shoji anime.”

If you haven’t played I Love You Colonel Sanders yet, the game is currently available for PC & Mac via Steam.

Pure Imagination

The fine peoples at BBH London brought Mr. Munkowitz on-board to direct an extra-saucy Audi A5 Global Campaign through his lovely reps at Nexus Studios. The commercial, produced over the course of a 6 month production cycle with The Mill London, recreates the vision of a ‘super-computer’ and aims to answer the question; “What if artificial intelligence could dream?” 

Starting from what feels like the inner-core of the machine, the film takes viewers on a vivid journey, through a world of data fabric, anamorphic light spheres, graceful movement, and an alternative reality; featuring segments of continuous and fast-travelling shots to ensure that an air of intensity and excitement remains throughout the dreamscape.